Technical Data Sheets

Perforated Design
PDF LP-100.4 Safe-T-Perf Stock Specs PDF LD-100.3 Design Considerations
PDF LP-101.4 Perforated Metal Orientation PDF LD-101.3 Anodising Aluminium
PDF  LP-105.3 Pic Perf PDF LD-102.2 Arch Mesh Specs
 PDF LP-106.1 Perforated Material & Coatings Information PDF LD-103.4 Powder Coating
Fixing Systems Atmosphere
PDF LF-1.0 Angle Fixing System PDF LA-100.1 Atmosphere FAQs
PDF LF-2.0 Flat Fixing System
PDF LF-3.0 Cap Fixing
PDF LF-5.1 Tension System
PDF LF-5.2 Tension System
PDF LF-5.3 Tension System
PDF LF-7.0 Curtain System
PDF LF-11.0 Perf Isolator System

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